Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Genting 45th Anniversary Video CONTEST

Join the contest now and stand a chance to win a 4D 3N Star Cruise package, 2D 1N stay at Resorts World Sentosa, or a 3D 2N stay at Resorts World Genting!

There are 3 Easy Steps to enter:

Step 1: Produce a video no longer than 3 minutes that reflects the theme of the contest, Resorts World Genting – My Best Holiday Destination. Depending on your creativity, the video can include people, facilities, environment and places of attraction at Resorts World Genting.
Step 2: Host the video up on YouTube
Step 3: Email the URL to, complete with your particulars

Closing Date is 15 October 2010


Terms and Conditions

1. Eligibility
(i) ‘GENTING 45TH ANNIVERSARY VIDEO CONTEST’ themed Resorts World Genting – My Best Holiday Destination is open to all, save and except for the employees and officers of the members of the organizing committee (consisting of Star Cruises, Genting Group (including Genting Malaysia Berhad, its substantial shareholder Genting Berhad, its subsidiaries, associated and/or related companies of Genting Malaysia Berhad and Genting Berhad ) (the “Organizing Committee” or “OC”) and their immediate family members.

2. Contest Period
(i) The contest begins at 9am on 15 September 2010 and ends at 5pm, 15 October 2010. Winners will be announced by 31 October 2010 (“Contest Period”).
(ii) All entries are to be submitted on or by 5.00 p.m. of 15 October 2010 (“Closing Date”).
(iii) Entries received after the Closing Date will be automatically disqualified.

3. How to Enter
(i) Contestants are required to upload a video of up to 3 minutes duration on and to submit their entries to complete with contestant’s name, email address and the video’s URL relating to the contest. The video will then be uploaded onto YouTube by the OC via the rwgenting account (“rwgenting Account”) for all contestants to view. Personal information such as the name, address and contact details of the contestants will not be uploaded on to the rwgenting Account for the duration of the Contest Period.
(ii) The OC is not responsible for incorrect, inaccurate or incomplete entry of information by contestants; lost entries, interrupted or unavailable network, server or other connections; scrambled transmissions or other errors or problems of any kind whether mechanical, human, or electronic, technical malfunctions or computer hardware, software or any combination thereof; or problems associated with any virus or any other damage caused to participant’s systems.
(iii) The OC reserves the right to reject the participation of any contestant at any time without having to assign any reasons whatsoever.
(iv) Subject to the other terms and conditions stipulated herein, each contestant may only submit one video for the contest.

4. Terms and Conditions relating to the Videos submitted for the Contest:-
(i) Content of the Video has to ultimately reflect the theme of the contest, which is “Resorts World Genting – My Best Holiday Destination”.
(ii) Content of the Video may include all Resorts World Genting’s facilities and attractions save and except for the Casino premises.
(iii) The duration of the video should not exceed 3 minutes.
(iv) Only digital Videos will be considered and should be in the format supported by
(v) Videos that have won any other contest(s) or have been published, or that violate or infringe any copyright are not eligible.
(vi) Contestants are to credit the background music used in the Video in order not to violate the music copyrights
(vii) By their submission of the Video, the Contestant warrants, agrees, represents and undertakes with the OC that:
a) that the Video is the contestant’s original work and that the contestant is the sole copyright owner.
b) whenever a Video includes a recognizable person or people, the contestant has to ensure that permission is secured from each person (or in the case of a minor, the minor's parent or guardian) to use his/her image in the Video for the Competition and upon request, the contestant shall present such permission to the OC;
c) the Video does not infringe the copyright of any third party or any laws and is not in violation of any agreement with any third party;
d) Genting Malaysia Berhad shall have the absolute discretion whether or not to refer to the Contestant’s names and information when publishing, reproducing or otherwise using the Video as referred in the aforesaid condition.
e) All Videos received (whether before or after the Closing Date) are non-returnable and shall become and remain the property of Genting Malaysia Berhad whereby the Contestants expressly grant Genting Malaysia Berhad and/or the Genting Group a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licenseable and transferable licence to use, reproduce, distribute, prepare derivative works of, display, and perform the Videos for all related future marketing collaterals in connection with their business, including without limitation for promoting and redistributing part or all of the Videos (and derivative works thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels. The above licence granted by you is perpetual and irrevocable.

5. Judging Criteria
(i) Videos will be judged based on
a) the relevance of content in accordance with the theme,
b) Creativity and Originality, and
c) Video production (e.g. flow, continuity, timing, video and sound quality)
(ii) The judges’ decision is final and no appeal or correspondence in connection therewith will be entertained.

6. Winners and prizes
(i) The winners of the Contest will be notified by email and announced in the following websites on or before 31 October 2010 (the “Announcement Date”):
(ii) All winners announced on the Announcement Date (the “Original Winners”) must contact the OC within ten (10) days from the Announcement Date. Failing which, the OC shall have the sole and absolute discretion to substitute that winner without prior notice and without any liabilities to the Original Winner.
(iii) The OC reserves the right to substitute, change, amend or modify any prizes with other prizes of approximately equivalent monetary value at its sole and absolute discretion without prior notice and without having to assign any reasons therefor. Any appeal in connection with the OC’s decision to substitute any of the prizes will not be entertained.
(iv) The winners shall always accept the prizes subject to the terms and conditions that may be imposed by the OC, including but not limited to the ancillary expenses required for the winners to be the owner of the prizes, including any travel expenses not specifically provided for.
(v) All prizes are not transferable and/or exchangeable for cash.
(vi) The OC makes no representations or warranties to the safety, suitability or merchantability of the prizes and shall not be responsible or liable in the event any of the prizes are not fit for its purpose, not of merchantability quality or if the winners suffer any losses or damages in furtherance to the usage or enjoyment of the prizes.

7. General
(i) This Contest is subject to all applicable state, local laws and regulations.
(ii) The OC reserves their rights to amend, vary, delete or add to the terms and conditions at any times by placing such amended terms and conditions on the OC’s websites as below, and by submitting their Video, the contestant shall be deemed to have accepted such amended terms and conditions unconditionally.
(iii) The contestants shall always agree to be bound by the decision of the OC to suspend, discontinue or cancel the Contest for whatever reason(s) whereby in such an event, the contestant shall not make any claim against the OC and the OC shall not be liable to the contestants for whatever losses or damages that have been incurred by or may be suffered by them arising from the suspension, discontinuance or cancellation of the Contest.
(iv) The English version of the terms and conditions shall prevail over any other versions.



Rumahku dekat je dengan Genting. Dalam 45 minit dah sampai. Tapi sepanjang hayat duduk kat Selayang ni baru 4 kali ke sana. Takde mood nak join contest edit video ni, kalau contest bergambar harus jugaklah nak join hehe...

Selamat Berjaya kepada yang berminat!

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EiJa ZaQuaN said...

btol tu kalo contest video ni mcm susah sikit la..ermm lgpun ari tu g genting x pulak bw video camera ..huhu..